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Course Syllabus

Topics in Complex Systems

Topics in Complex Systems (7.5 ECTS) is one of the courses offered yearly by the Center for Models of Life of the Niels Bohr Institute for both Master and PhD students. The course focuses on a wide variety of complex phenomena ranging from phase transitions and critical phenomena, to complex networks and econophysics. Common themes will be self-organization (complex patterns and properties arising from simple rules) and universality, i.e. that broad classes of phenomena can be captured by the same simple model. Students may benefit from a background knowledge of dynamical systems, e.g., Dynamical Systems and Chaos, but this is not a necessity. Also students from economics or applied mathematics may find the course useful.

University of Copenhagen
Mogens Hogh Jensen
Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Dynamical Systems, Self-Organization, Coarse-Graining, Ecology