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December 2015 Update

02 Dec 2015

Give back in December

2015 is reaching an end and we are looking forward to next year - read on below to see more about the courses we will be offering in 2016! There are some familiar faces, and some exciting newcomers as well.  We also have a new story featuring three supporters of Complexity Explorer, and a challenge for you all to join them in donating to keep our project going.

Join Gary, Gaetano and Natalia in supporting Complexity Explorer

Our news story this month features three avid complexity explorers: Gary, Gaetano, and Natalia.  They have not only taken many of our courses, they have also supported Complexity Explorer financially multiple times.  Find out what interests them and why they donate to our program here

They are not the only ones generously contributing to the future sustainability of Complexity Explorer.  Since 2013, over 1,200 gifts have been received from among the 25,000 + individuals registered on our site.  Are you one of our supporters? Thank you! The impact of these gifts has already proven itself.  We are able to work on more courses and tutorials and develop a better web experience for you with these funds.  

It takes $25,000 to develop one MOOC for Complexity Explorer, and $2,500 for one tutorial.  Moving forward, we need your help to keep the program expanding and to keep our learning materials accessible for everyone.  This December, we urge you to consider making a donation to Complexity Explorer.  Additionally, for the month of December, one of our supporters has pledged to match any donation received up to $4,000. Help us to reach our goal of $8,000 total support for the month of December! 

In December, your donations will be matched dollar for dollar up to $4,000 by an anonymous supporter! Donate now to help us reach our goal.


Course Updates

We are thrilled to announce our 2016 course lineup! Check out the link to see when our courses will be re-offered, and when to expect our new courses.  You can expect the following new courses in 2016: Agent based modeling with William Rand, Complexity Economics with Doyne Farmer and David Pugh, and Information Dynamics of Complex Networks with Hector Zenil and Narsis Kiani. Tentative dates for all of these courses will be listed on the course page soon.  

On top of the new 2016 courses, we will be bringing you brand new tutorials starting very soon.  Vector and Matrix Algebra is close to launching.  Introduction to Information Theory will be coming to you in January or February - Seth Lloyd's videos are nearly done editing.  We are currently filming Computation Theory, and we have plans soon after these tutorials to work on Optimization Methods as well as Renormalization Methods.  We hope you're setting aside some time to take these tutorials!

New in the Complexity Explorer Store

We know many of you have enjoyed our Complexity Explorer t-shirts, however not everyone likes t-shirts! We have created a limited number of Complexity Explorer tote bags in black, made with sturdy 100% cotton.  Tote bags are endlessly useful, carrying groceries, meeting notes and a laptop, dog treats, your future Nobel prize winning idea... really, how can you live without them? Do yourself (and Complexity Explorer!) a favor and pick one up today.  



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