Complexity Explorer Santa Few Institute

To all students: Has Complexity Explorer Improved Your Life?

16 Nov 2017

As the end of 2017 approaches, it’s time for Complexity Explorer HQ  to pause and reflect on our most valuable asset: you

Complexity Explorer students are some of the most engaged online learners out there, with a course completion rate almost twice that of other course hosting platforms. You form communities (both on and off the platform) to support each other, generate great work that we can share with the world, show us how you apply what you've learned in a way that just doesn't exist elsewhere. 

While our online community has many wonderful aspects, one issue that we struggle with here at HQ is visibility. Our students are dispersed throughout the world and rarely make it to the SFI campus, making it somewhat of a challenge to show Complexity Explorer off the way we'd like to. 

With that, we have a request of our community: send us a short video, audio recording or a couple of paragraphs answering the question: How has Complexity Explorer improved your life? 

We'll use any content that you generate to reach out to the larger SFI community for support, and to illustrate the profound impact that CE is creating in the world. Send any responses to, and again - thank you, so much, to you - our next generation of complexity experts. 

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